Born in 1970 by the Rojas Family in Mexico. It took the youngest of five to finally bring it to New York and Eventually the world. It is not just a regular hot sauce full of vinegar, spices and preservatives. It is a natural homemade style sauce with a twist. It has the famed Habanero Pepper as its main ingredient, but it is uniquely combined with exotic fruits. It comes in six different flavors: Original, Mango, Peach, Pineapple, Guajillo y Avocado. The Rojas Family found that using fresh fruits like mango, combined with the Habanero Pepper, brought upon a different taste than the traditional Mexican hot sauce. So with just a little genuinity and imagination, the result was something different - sweet and spicy. After a few years later, they decided to try another fruit, the pineapple - which dates back to the year 1493. Eventually, came peach - the result was a special natural tasting hot sauce with the freshest and most authentic ingredients.

Mexican Flavours


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Consists of three peppers, and has a smoky flavor with a hint of lime. Recommended Dishes: Seafood, Steak, Eggs, Soups, Chicken, etc. *Health Benefit: It may help with memory, reduce stress, and contains antioxidants.


Consists of Habanero Pepper, Natural Fruit, 100% Natural no chemical, no Sugar added, and handcrafted. Recommended Dishes: Seafood, Salads, Steaks, Chicken, Tacos, etc. *Health Benefit: May help lower cholesterol, good for the skin, and promotes good eye health.


Consists of habanero pepper with Fresh Fruit, 100% Natural no Preservatives, no Sugar Added, handcrafted. Recommended Dishes: Salads, Seafood, Vegetables, etc. *Health Benefit: May help regulate your body weight, lower joint pain and inflammation.


Consists of Habanero pepper with Fresh Fruit, 100% Natural no preservatives no sugar edded, handcrafted Recommended Dishes: Seafood, Salads, Oatmeals, etc. *Health Benefit: It may help with the vision, skin, and assists in lowering high blood pressure.

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"Just be yourself. Be the best you can be. Listen to your heart and follow your dreams."

- Mr. Rojas

Jumping now to the present, Mr. Rojas decided to the bring his family's idea, and created something even better with a rich flavor. When he arrived to the U.S. in 1987, he found hot sauce boring and bland. So he finally started making his own sauce just as his family made back in Mexico. He first started making it for his family and friends, and they fell in love. So in 2014, out of Queens, NY, Chipotlan Hot Sauce, a family owned business was born. The benefits of Habanero Pepper, combined with fruits, far outweigh the taste.

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